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Wisdom of Danu – The Healer’s Way is a spiritual path of authentic Irish wisdom teachings to activate & nurture the wise & intuitive natural healer residing within your soul. 

There are 4 comprehensive training modules, each held at the cross quarter points of the year.  Included are 4 Divine Energy Healing pracititioner activations to accelerate your intuitive healing abilities, along with drum sound healing, and wisdom teachings from an 8th generation traditional Celtic Medicine healer.

Up until now – the wisdom teachings of traditional Celtic Medicine Healers have been kept exclusively for family members.

With the cosmic shift into the age of Aquarius, we are living in unprecedented times.  Orla, an 8th generation Celtic Medicine Woman has been Divinely guided by a Higher power to share her wisdom teachings.

On completion of Level 4 you will receive your Celtic Energy Healing Pracitioner’s Diploma award and Drum Sound Healing Certificate.

If you have ever felt a calling to discover more about the authentic traditional & Spiritual healing arts of Ireland, referred to in other cultures as Shamanism, along with a recognised qualification as an Energy Healing Practitioner, and Drum Sound Healer, this training is for you. 

Some may call this work Shamanism, we call it Celtic Medicine Healing.  We work with the Wisdom of Trees and the Ogham Calendar.

No matter what your calling is to re-discover the wise authentic and intuitive Celtic Medicine healer within, it’s no coincidence you are here.  You are warmly invited to explore our website to find out more about this inspiring opportunity …

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