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Divine Medicine Teachings


Are you ready to activate the intuitive Celtic Medicine Healer within?  Every living person is born to be an intuitive natural healer – no matter if you wish to work with paying clients professionally as a Holistic Practitioner, or for healing self, family & friends.
As a living man or woman, you were born with generations of ancient healing wisdom encoded in your DNA, ready to be awakened at the exactly right time in your cosmic life cycle.   In some cultures it’s known as Shamanism. 
Here in Ireland the practice of medicine man or woman is known through the generations as Spirit healing and to be a true medicine man or woman in the Celtic tradition requires mastery of the five realms:
  • Sacred Music – mastering instruments of your choice
  • Crafts – making what you need from what you have available
  • Plant Healing Wisdom – preventative and treatments from hedgerow and forest herbs
  • Spirit Healing – connection to the Divine for healing self and others in person and by distance
  • Sacred Trees & Ogham Healing
No matter what purpose your intuitive natural healing is calling your for right now, the unique Wisdom of Danu teachings will allow you to nurture and awaken that calling.
Are you ready to take the next step?
This is a unique opportunity to learn from an authentic 8th generation Irish bone-setter healer, Kinesiologist and medicine woman, sacred healing knowledge traditionally kept within the family to pass down to future generations.
With the age of Aquarius now upon us, it is now the time in our cosmic life cycle for this indigenous Celtic Medicine Healing wisdom to be available to all who are called to seek it without discrimination.
The Wisdom of Danu Healer’s Way teachings introduces you and encourages you to develop the practice of many facets of traditional natural healing and sacred wisdom.
Consisting of 4 in-person Healer’s Way Energy Healing Practitoner Activations, at each of the sacred quarter points of the year, plus inspiring project work to complete in between at your own pace.
The Healers Way teachings provide you with solid grounding and a recognised Energy Healing Practitioner qualification to validate your natural Spirit healing abilities allowing you to work with paying clients, along with the opportunity to progress further into areas of specialisation if you wish.

Drum Sound Healing masterclass is included in The Healer’s Way Level 1 including working safely with trance states, and conducting one on one treatments with the frame drum (shaman drum)

Over the course of 4 Levels of Healer’s Way Divine teachings you will discover:
  • Meditation for the intuitive healer
  • Developing the natural intuition already within you
  • Divine Energy Healing Practitioner Activations from the Sacred Ogham Trees – total of 4 activations, 1 for each workshop
  • Sound healing and mastery of the shaman drum for journey work and one on one sound healing treatments.
  • Traditional methods of Divination, including making your own sacred tools.
  • Energetic protection including ancestral clearing, for clearing away karmic residue from past and current generations including curses, for optimum health, happiness and prosperity for self, immediate family members and future generations.
  • How to intuitively create and lead inspiring womens circles
  • Ogham tree wisdom for health & happiness in daily life
  • Working with Lunar cycles and astrological alignments
  • Muscle testing to identify allergies and more
  • Working with Hedgerow Herbs for effective prevention & treatment of common ailments including making your own essences & tinctures
  • Spirit healing wisdom & working with Spiritual Laws
  • Sacred ceremony & ritual for healing and celebration
  • Celebrating the cosmic alignments of the Celtic wheel of the year
  • Celebrancy for the Medicine healer including Rites of passage
  • Life ceremonies including Marriage and Sacred Funerals
  • Sacred sound healing with voice & drum, including humming for health & healing body & mind
  • The science of healing with laughter
  • Strenghthen your confidence to trust your natural abilities as an intuitive energy healer
  • Be part of the supportive Wisdom of Danu Community of intuitive natural medicine healers
  • and so much more!

On completion of all 4 Healer’s Way levels, along with your own inspiring project work throughout the year, you will receive your CNMA Accredited Wisdom of Danu – Divine Energy Healing Master Practitioner Award.

Enrolment Fee: €250 per workshop
(or €195 with scholarship)

3 scholarship places are available on each workshop, to those in genuine need.


This training is fully Accredited with The CNMA (Complementary & Natural Medicine Association) which means on conclusion of the training you will be eligible for professional accreditation with The CNMA.

See website:  www.thecnma.org

One year’s membership of The CNMA is included on completion of Level 4.

This training is also recognised by many other professional accreditation bodies.

  • Authentic 8th Generation Bonesetter Healer
  • Celtic Medicine Woman
  • Kinesiologist
  • Energy Healer


  • Intuitive Sound Therapist & Energy Healer from Australia
  • Holistic Minister & Celebrant
  • Hypnotherapist & Mind Coach
  • Professional Musician